Security Testing Services 

We understand that today's digital ecosystem demands paramount security, and we're here to deliver.


Our Offerings Include:


1.      Threat ModellingUtilizing STRIDE, DREAD, CVSS, and Attack Tree techniques for comprehensive web application analysis.


2.     Secure Code ReviewMerging the power of SAST and DAST tools, we assess secure architecture and coding practices, ensuring your code stands up against potential threats.


3.    False Positive AnalysisUsing renowned tools like Fortify, SonarQube, and App Scan, we filter out noise, ensuring accuracy in our tests.


4.    Vulnerability AssessmentCovering web applications, APIs, and network infrastructure.


5.    Penetration Testing: Deploying automated tools and manual techniques, we validate vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL Injection, and more.


6.    Cryptographic AnalysisEvaluating applications for encryption, hashing, and digital certificate standards, recommending the best fit for your needs.


7.     Mobile Application TestingEnsuring adherence to OWASP guidelines through tools such as Dex2Jar, MobSF, Genemotion, and more.


8.     Test Planning and StrategyIncorporating application security policies, common vulnerabilities, and international standards like OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25.


9.    Continuous Network MonitoringProtecting your endpoints from potential vulnerabilities and malware.


Trust Inspire IT Solutions for top-tier security testing services. Let's work together to fortify your digital assets.

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